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So, let's talk about Darrow 2, shall we?

Alternate universe, you can bring in any character that has been dropped or an alternate version of ones that exist. What I've currently got in the docket:

Caroline Forbes: AU is showing up to town; one that's humanity switch is completely turned off, and who is definitely not happy that her past-self seems to have built a nice little life for herself.

She's going to be trying to make it as uncomfortable as possible for Caroline, by murdering people, opening drinking from them, compelling them, etc-- especially people that Caroline knows. Interesting times; definitely involving Luke, but I'll be in touch with everyone else who Caroline knows or might know or wants their character to get hurt (Kara!)

Tara Knowles: Pulled from Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy, has been in Darrow 2 for A While. She's a very capable person with an extremely low tolerance for bullshit, and is heavily armed at all times. She's still an astounding surgeon; having not lost the strength in her hand, her dayjob is still at Darrow General, but she also spends her time patching up people who can't or won't go to the hospital. Would love to make contacts with that particular aspect.

So, yeah! Hit me up. Let's chat, I'll look at all of your posts soon. YAAAS.


Apr. 15th, 2013 01:32 pm
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[personal profile] flareupwithlove subscribing reminded me that this even existed, which... deplorable, that I forgot that LJ was even a thing. I want this to exist, because I want to have this record of my life. So, I'll try, and just see how it goes.

Times, they are insanely busy-- it's all exciting, and in general my life's been pretty good for the last six months or so. I got promoted around February (first promotion evar, zomg), I started actually medicating my ADD, I actually went on a couple of dates with a guy (who was very nice, but he got a phonecall from his ex and abruptly cut everything off, boo), I've started couch-to-5k so I'm running, I have a game that I'm a co-mod of that I'm pretty proud of ([community profile] edge_of_forever, if you're curious) that's been around and stable for more than a year.

Work's doing a sprint right now, so that means I'm working between 9-14 hours a day, depending on the day. The potential payoff is huge; it'll be a bonus that's between 7-15% of my yearly salary, but if we don't hit our goal, then it's 0, which is pretty sad trombone. Right now after approximately 5.5 weeks of this, we're at around a 40% certainty of hitting it. Which... is not great.

Today, I'm working from home because the Boston Marathon makes everything insane here. Also need to catch up on Doctor Who, but I will say that I generally liked the first full Clara episode. Need to see the rest. Having Doctor Who feels again, which is nice.

Also, saw all of the West Wing finally for the first time ever, and my immediate reaction once finishing it was to start it over again. >_______<; it's just so good, gaaaah.


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